Lightweight IDE

Lightweight on your mind

by Ingemar Ragnemalm

This page provides information and downloads for the minimalistic, easy-to use integrated development environment for MacOS X, for development in Pascal, Object Pascal, Objective Pascal, C, C++, Objective C, CUDA, Java, Python, Ada and shellscripts. Some related packages also live here, like TransSkel 5 and SAT 3.

190405: Uploaded version 1.0a13. Yes, a11 and a12 were never uploaded.

180825: Just some thoughts. Anyone who wants to do LaTEX with Lightweight IDE?

171009: New version, 1.0a10, with bug fixes affecting performance in C projects and problems in multi-file search.

171003: New version, 1.0a9, tested on High Sierra.

171002: Thoughts about High Sierra.

170920: 1.0a8a, a few more fixes but...

170124: 1.0a7, much better debugging!

161114: 1.0a6, a few more fixes on the customizable color coding!

161112: 1.0a5, a whole bunch of fixes!

160921: Some thoughts; new improvements are coming.

160901: 1.0a4: One more bug fix.

160828: 1.0a3+, one bug fix, setting the path for Python scripts so file access is more as you would expect.

160827: 1.0a3, third alpha, some more fixes!

160818: 1.0a2, second alpha, with a few fixes!

160815: Release of 1.0a1, first alpha for 1.0!

160813: More thoughts, and the next version is already close. And about time since I will soon be crowded with teaching.

160810: 0.9.9p3, which I intend to be the last before the alpha. Mostly bug fixes but some rather important ones.

160802: 0.9.9p2, which means very close to 1.0 alphas. Pretty much everything is in place!

160719: Some thoughts about upcoming verisons.

160622: 0.9.9 patch 1, with numerous changes.

160517: 0.9.9 uploaded, with the first version with LLDB support!

160415: Some more thoughts.

160212: Some thoughts

160204: Uploaded TransSkel 5.0b10. Link to latest MicroGlut.


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